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Elo scoring is the eponymous scoring system of physics professor and chess grandmaster Arpad Elo. It was developed to predict the outcome of a match between any two players, given their current Elo scores.

All members of a set begin with a default score of 800. The premise is simple: once you log in, you will be presented with random pairings from Society; all you must do is choose – with which of the two members would you prefer to khhhhhhhang one?

Once you cast your vote, the computer increments and deducts a certain number of points to the respective winner and loser of the match. As more votes are cast, the cream begins to rise to the top. All that hot white cream inside you, it rrrRRRRRRRISES!!


A player who attains a score 400 points higher than another can be said to be ~9x more preferable. In other words, for every 100 matches between Player A (1200 pts) and Player B (800 pts), the Elo system predicts 90 matches go to Player A.

Thus, in SocietyRank, a difference of 400 means the higher scored society member is ~9x times more likely to be selected. Fortunately, real-world hangs are not subject to such constraints. Happy ranking!

—pmg, 2018 january 17